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blk. is giving back in a big way in 2013.  
After learning that more than 1 Million Americans are affected by Autism, the blk. team has committed to help make a difference. We are now extremely proud to announce our partnership with Generation Rescue.
Generation Rescue is the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders. In an effort to help this great organization improve the quality of life for those affected by autism, blk. will donate a portion of every bottle sold in 2013.
We at blk. Beverages and our partners at Generation Rescue encourage you to visit our websites and social media pages to see how you can help us make a difference and together help defy expectations.
Please visit:

Marzia Prince’s Guide To Healthier Living

The wait is finally over!! Whether you are looking to get back into shape, or just now choosing to life a healthy lifestyle, fitness guru Marzia Prince (see previous post) is here to help! See below to see what Marzia has prepared to get you on the track to healthier living. Also be sure to check in with Marzia on twitter (@marziaprince) to see what else she may have in store!

The BLK Challenge Beginner-Intermediate Workout Plan

The BLK Challenge Intermediate-Advance Workout Plan

The BLK Challenge Regular Nutrition Plan

The BLK Challenge Vegan-Vegetarian Eating Plan

The blk. Challenge; Marzia Prince.

Marzia Prince

Ladies! Looking to get back in shape? Having a hard time dieting? Don’t Know your way around the gym? Well worry no more, because blk. has got your back! We bring you the not only lovely, but extremely fitness savvy, Marzia Prince.  Read below to learn a little bit about her, and be sure check in later in the week to see how she is going to whip YOU back into shape.

“Hi! I’m Marzia Prince AKA the Fit Chic. I have been building beautiful bodies for the past 10 years. My specialty is training women who model, pageant contestants, and bikini fitness competitors. I was a bikini fitness competitor myself for 4 years earning many titles. One of my proudest moments in my competing history was winning the 2007 Ms Bikini Universe title at 32 years old. It was my first competition against 122 beautiful women from all over the world. This moment told me age was really just a number and I could be fit at any age. Not only am I a certified fitness and nutrition expert, I am currently a professional fitness model myself  and I have had the honor of gracing many fitness and bodybuilding magazines that include Fitness, Natural Muscle, Iron Man, Muscular Development, and many more. Through my many years of expertise, I have become a published writer to help educate women on all things health and fitness. I am proud to bring you this BLK Challenge to give you my knowledge on how to reach your best body in a healthy way. Thank you and good luck with your BLK challenge! I leave you with my own personal quote “Fitness is not a look, it is a lifestyle!”  -Marzia Prince

Vegan? New to working out? Marzia has an answer for YOU later this week. Not Vegan? Not a stranger to the gym? No worries, we have a plan for you, too! 

The blk. Challenge; The Men’s Workout

Our fitness expert, Troy Valberg, takes a look at how he can put you back on the track to ultimate physical fitness:

“After a clean weekend of not too much alcohol, Monday morning rolls around and you start with some Diesel oatmeal. A few hours later you have a protein shake, at lunch you stick with lean meat and vegetables. Before leaving the office and heading to the gym you get some healthy fats and carbs in for fuel with a handful of almonds and a piece of fruit. You show up at the gym ready to start the week , which looks like this because you don’t have time to waste. You want to get in serious shape with the most bang for your buck and you don’t have 1 hour to devote to “Chest” which results in minimal calorie expenditure, and no noticeable increases in size and strength since you were a freshman in college. What do you do ???”

Monday – Full Body Circuit

1A. Goblet Squat

1B. DB Bench Press

1C. 1 Arm DB Row

1D. Single Arm Planks

Tues – Interval Cardio Conditioning

Wed – Full Body Circuit

1A. Deadlift

1B. 1 Arm DB Shoulder Press

1C. Pull Ups/Lat Pull Down

1D. Cable Paloff Press

Thurs – Interval Cardio Conditoning

Friday Full Body Circuit.

1A. Split Squat/Reverse Lunge

1B. Push Up Variation

1C. Cable Row

1D. Core exercise of your choice

It’s highly recommended you get someone very knowledgeable to coach you on all of these lifts (especially Deadlifts and Squats).

“After a brutal session during which you’ve depleted your energy stores you need to refuel. Grab a bottle of BLK Water and pound it down, get yourself a protein shake and a piece of fruit or head out to dinner with friends and be the only smart one to order lean meat and vegetables, not touch the bread and skip dessert. Be the only one who started the day right and finished it even stronger.”


If you have any additional questions, check out Troys website, or tweet him at @troyknows.

The Blk Challenge; The Mens Edition

Troy Valberg, CSCS is a personal trainer and strength coach based in NYC. He has over 5 years professional experience in the field, a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the SUNY College at Brockport, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through theNational Strength and Conditioning Association.  Troy is also Precision Nutrition Certified. With Troy’s passion for physical fitness, and extensive nutritional knowledge, having him spearhead the mens blk. challenge  was an easy decision.

On Breakfast:

   A personal favorite “power breakfast” that is great for a day when you plan on training hard is what I call Diesel Oatmeal.  Plain unsweetened oats prepared in the microwave with water.  When it comes out hot pour in a splash of unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop of natural peanut butter, 1 small handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries.  Whether you plan on crushing some deadlifts or running 10 miles this is the kind of fuel you need.  However, keep in mind if you are trying hard to lose body fat you probably wouldn’t want to pound 50grams of carbs in one sitting without taking it into consideration of your total daily carb intake.

This is also GREAT for post training along with a protein shake or some eggs.

On Going Out:

   When it comes to alcohol there are two things I know to be true. 1. Alcohol will not help performance in the gym or on the playing field (at the bar or club it may be a different story), and it will hinder any serious
fat loss efforts:100% guaranteed.  2. Most people are going to continue to drink. With that being said the only thing I can offer you is some “healthier” options for partying.  Stick with clear liquor like vodka and tequila, and mix only with club soda.  One thing that most people don’t know is that Tonic Water is very high in carbs so it actually is NOT just like club soda.
 Check out the blk. blog on (8/29/12) to see Troy’s blk. workout regimen, and keep an eye out later in the week for our womens blk. challenge!



blk.; The official beverage sponsor of the Las Vegas Zombie Run!


         Incase you needed another excuse to book a flight to Sin City, blk. will be the official beverage sponsor of the 2012 Zombie Run:

The Las Vegas Zombie Run is a 5k and 1-mile fun run/walk to benefit Generation Vegas, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Las Vegas community a better place for future generations. Runners will be provided with flag football-style belts and will need to use their smarts and agility to avoid the zombies plaguing the course trying to capture flags. If a runner finishes the race with any flags, they’ve made it out alive. If a runner loses all their flags, they will finish the race just like the zombies…dead. The race takes place on Sunday, October 28th at 9 a.m. at Sunset Park.

For more info please visit:

We make this look good.

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