We make this look good.

Thanks to our fan for the creative photo! Tweet us yours @blkbeverages and it may appear on the blog too!

9 responses to “We make this look good.”

  1. cschnit1 says :


  2. Maria Angel Consuegra Rose says :

    bring it to canada toronto is huge!!!!

  3. trish says :

    have you talked to whole foods yet? bet they would sell it if its real healthy…

  4. Kitty says :

    Seriously – that is great. Awesome PR and relativity to a young, hip market. I can’t wait to try it!

  5. Jo says :

    People will buy it especially in Los Angeles

  6. Dotie says :

    K- boys you have got to make a blk splash here on Long Island – can not find it anywhere!?! Also get your web site workin right!

  7. Lana says :

    Don’t listen to the” Nay Sayers ” I would love to bring this to the west Coast. I have a Large HOLLWEEN Event coming up in San Diego. Would like to get ahold of you as a sponsor . This would be good for us both ! :) If it’s good , it will sell !

  8. Denise Jones says :

    Don’t forget about us southern folk. Would love to give it a try but nowhere to be found here. Even in Hippieville Austin, Texas.

  9. Peg Green says :

    Just bought it at Wegmans, in Buffalo! I loved it! as did my 4 yr old and 7 yr old!! Good job guys! I am a fan from the show, now I am a fan of your product! I wish you all much success!!!! xo

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